Dec 18

5 Big Mistakes People Make When Starting a Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss PlanIf you’re like most of us, you’ve tried to lose weight at least once in your life.

To be successful with a weight loss program, you have to be very clear – not only about your goal but about how you are going achieve it. If you can avoid these common mistakes, your journey will be more enjoyable:

1. Bad Timing:

The first few days of your program should be low-key days in your life: No travel, no birthday parties, no big celebrations where there will be wine and all the snacks you can eat. By avoiding temptations and social pressures to eat and drink the wrong things during those first few days, you’ll build a solid foundation for success.

2. Family Flak:

Tell your family what you’re doing and get their support. If your program encourages you to eat no bread and no pasta, for example, tell them you won’t be serving or eating those things for a while… you’ll be serving or eating more vegetables. Find out what their own healthier preferences are and ask for their support and their patience.

3. Poor Planning:

Are you going to have all the foods you need on the day you need them? Spend some time visualizing how your days will go. Will you need to bring foods to work? Will you need to change your breakfast routine? The more planning you do, the more successful you’ll be.

4. Shopping Flops:

Once you’ve done your planning, shopping will be a lot easier. Make a list and plan your shopping so that you’ll always have the healthy foods you need from day to day.

5. Exercise Excuses:

Exercise isn’t just for losing weight. It helps every cell and strengthens your immune system. Depending on your program, if your workouts are very strenuous, you may need to do less so you don’t get too hungry. But if you’re doing too little, commit to doing more and doing it regularly.

By avoiding these mistakes, you’ll be on your way to weight loss success!


Anita Kugler
Health and Wellness Coach